Super speedy shoulder/neck session!

Whoah! Blink and you’ll miss me!

Okay, here’s a super speedy run down of some ideas for myofascial lay releasing your neck and shoulders. These need to be sloooooow, really sloooooooow to get your best fascial release possible- try a minimum of five minutes a position, but really you’re aiming for 8-10 in each. You can do these watching tv, or listening to music or maybe even reading a book. It’s better to pick a couple rather race through the series if you haven’t got time. 

Wanna know what they all are? 1) Diaphragm breathing, 2) pec stretch on a foam roller, 3) side opening door- thoracic stretch, 4) pec release using a therapy ball 5) spiky ball hand work, 6) neck stretches, 7) infraspinatus stretch 8) pose of a child

There’s more to neck and shoulder dysfunction than just neck and shoulder wonkiness, most times there is stuff going on with your pelvis and usually there’s a functional element. If you’ve got long term stuff going on and would like some specialist therapy and support find out more at 


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