Thank you

A couple of times a week at least I say “Thank You”, and when I say Thank You I say it as a list (of course everyday I say my P’s &Q’s – wow, that feels like a strangely antiquated turn of phrase, does anyone else say it, or is it just another Landells family oddity??) Anyways, Thank you…

My thank you list is something I do when I’m preparing for a big day at work, or an important task, or when I’m feeling blue, or when I can’t get to sleep or when I’m walking to work, or out with the dog, you get the idea…

In it’s purest form it’s a (usually spoken) run down of all the things that I am grateful for, like a sunny day, a good idea, a fun time with the Bear, a tasty meal, time with friends, all the adventures I have ahead of me, the money I have in the bank, finding a cool feather, or seeing something that lifted my heart.

And in the tougher days, when it feels like the odds are stacked against me, because in truth we all have those. I focus on the little things, the things that never change, because it’s the good in anything and everything that lifts me. I say thank you for the rain that brings the greeness, the ability to hold myself upright and walk, the options and choices I have that are mine, and only mine to make. And I keep listing and listing until I can’t list anymore…or because I have fallen asleep.

Why do I do it? I do it because it feels good, because after I have listed every last possible gratitude that I can possibly think of, I realise that the tough stuff isn’t going to kill, the world will not spin off its axis, that there is still so much in my life that is a gazillion times better than what others go through every, single, day. I do it because it’s so easy to dwell on the tiny proportion of things that are going wrong, when the majority is absolutely dandy.

So, if you are still reading this, Thank You x


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