Beginners Mind

The joy of my life is in always learning. Especially learning ways to become a better therapist. Last week I took a skills masterclass with the wonderful Ruth Duncan, an incredible trainer from Myofascial Release UK. Over the years I’ve taken plenty of courses with MFR UK, and I’ve been a Myofascial therapist for ten years now, so as you can imagine, plenty. 

The thing which struck me at the class, that even though I was the most ‘experienced’ in terms of years, I was in awe of the other therapists, especially the newer diploma therapists. But not in awe, in an ego way (well maybe a little) but because there are so many facets to our knowledge. Everyone in that room had a unique understanding, everyone of us had something to add to build our collective knowing.

And whilst I felt like there was a long way to go before I master all that is Myofascial, I am more than happy to be a forever beginner with a beginners mind.

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