Are you really relaxed?

In bygone millennia, at the sight of impending danger such as a sabre tooth tiger or a landslide, instinctively we would have done one of three things: fight, flee or freeze. What do we do now? Well, whilst we fortunately don’t have to deal with maurading big cats, we still have stressors. In fact a toothy cat would be easier to deal with than deadlines, mobile phones, and family get to togethers! So with so many triggers to get us het up,  how relaxed are you?

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Have you ever really ached…

Ooooh muscle burn! And the joy of DOMS. That’s delayed onset muscle soreness to you and me. Y’know that lead legged feeling a day or two after a big workout or a major event. 

The theory has stood for a long time that this soreness is caused by lactic acid building in the muscles. But is it really…

Would you like to Be Activated?

I spent the beginning of this week repeating a Muscle Activation course. Same tutor, pretty much the same content, so why repeat it? Especially since as anyone who knows me knows I have a list of courses as long as my arm that I’d like to study.

The Be Activated™ system of muscle activation is astounding. It’s simplicity is such that you’d think that once around the block and a reasonable therapist would know all they need to know…

It’s as easy as 1 2 3…

Basically, the body has two requirements: 1) to breathe and 2) to move.
Okay, so that’s that. I can move and I’m obviously breathing. Done.
But we are sneaky beasts us humans. We cheat ourselves with every breath and every move. Our brain works out the most complex and systematic schemes of body compensation. This means that, before you know it, to respond to the every day activities in our busy lives every muscle in the body is required to make us move even a little bit, and our breathing habits become shallow. Shallow breathing keeps us locked into our personal patterns of stress, fear and overwhelm. The world can become a very anxious place. Does that sound at all familiar?

In essence, Doug Heel, the guy behind Be Activated™ teaches us, as therapists, how to get our clients breathing more deeply again. When we breathe deeply, we pull ourselves out of our dependency on adrenaline: we can’t help but become relaxed and calm. Breathing really is the start of everything. 

Then, once all is calm, your body becomes receptive to change. Instead of every muscle trying to do everything all at once, the processes can be separated out again. Fascia (connective tissue) that grips and glues, can be softened. Individual muscles can be retrained so that movement becomes easy. In case you were wondering, no it’s not natural to have a tight neck stuck forward like a tortoise, especially if you’ve also got a bum like a flat balloon! You’re supposed to glide forward through the world, powered strongly by your glutes, not wrenched forward by your jaw as you try to escape neck ache, back pain, insomnia, headaches, migraines, ibs etc etc etc.

So why repeat? On a course like this, there are so many Ah Haa! moments that it’s hard to take them all on board. It’s said that on average a student with take on approximately 30% of what they are taught. And I’m guessing will only implement 30% of that in their practice. So there is always more to learn, always new things that I didn’t ‘get’ the first time around. With repetition comes wisdom and that rubs along nicely with extra life experience. And trust me, I WILL be repeating this course again, and again. There is something so ninja and so obvious about muscle activation: it feels like a language I learnt somewhere along the line and forgot. The best thing about it is not only is it fun (oh my, it is fun) but it’s also transformative, and I love transformation making.
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