I’m so excited 

Ooooh, I am so excited to share this with you 

Thrive is thriving! We have two more treatment rooms taking shape and two more amazing therapists coming on board – I’ll be introducing you to them very soon (don’t worry, the funny looking one in the photo- that’s my darling husband). If fact I can’t wait to introduce you, they are amazing ladies with crazy good hands and skills, skills, skills!

In the meanwhile, I’m continuing to build Thrive with my very own hands (did you know I’m good with tools? Not power tools though, I’m pretty old school, it’s hand saws and hammers for me!) and help from my hubby. There truly is love written into every part of Thrive and I’m so proud to be able to show you. 

Within these walls (and the walls upstairs!) expect great healing and transformation. Thrive is utterly dedicated to working with you to feel better and move better. Keep checking http://www.thrivesheffield.co.uk to find out more and meet the team soon 



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