Where you think it is…

Ida Rolf, born in New York in the 1896, was the creator of Structural Integration, more commonly known as Rolfing. Rolfing is concerned with realigning the fascia through a series of treatments. As you can guess it shares a lot of commonalities with the Barnes method of Myofascial Release. But whilst I inform I also digress…

I love this quote, I love to think about it in my head in a strong New Yawk accent (I wouldn’t do it out loud- it would be pitiful- but I was so pleased that she was born in New York). The jist of the quote is the jist under pinning Myofascial Release. Where your pain makes itself known, is not necessarily the same as where your pain started. 

Low back pain? Look to the piriformis in the buttocks, or the psoas at the front of the body. 

Elbow pain? What’s the glute function like?  

Knee pain? Check ankles, up to the pelvis, leg length – oh yeah and give the elbow on the same side some attention!

Headaches? How tight are the pec muscles of the chest? Is the head pulled forward? What about the jaw- does it feel clenched at night?

Now, the above can sound a little strange, non linear and downright nonsensical. But these are the kind of things that run through the brain of a curious Myofascial therapist (does that explain the slightly quizzical look on my face as I’m processing all the visual information, written history and verbal content when I’m working with you?). We take it all into consideration so that we don’t just treat the pain (but we do that too), by working this way, we get to the root cause and you get to live your life in a more comfortable way.

If this sounds like a different approach to an all too familiar problem maybe you’d like to know more? Get in touch and we can chat about finding a way to see where the ain’t is.

Big love,



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