Drink the water (dammit!)

You see this….

You see this here….

It’s a glass of water. But you knew that, right?

What it really really is, is….wait for it….a sign of bodily miscare.

What???? Is that a thing??? (Possibly not, I feel like I just made the word up, but…)

This is the glass of water that your therapist brought in to you after your MFR treatment. The glass of water you didn’t drink.

And why does that matter? Why does your therapist raise a wry eyebrow (unjudgementally of course) when they discover it untouched? Well, maybe I should take a moment to explain. 

Now, what I’m about to tell you holds generally true to anyone who has had a massage, but I’m going to fascinate you with a little extra Myofascial pizazz. The reasons why we ask you to drink water after your treatment are multiple: the increased blood flow that massage gives you, is now currently rushing all sorts of old crap around your body for you to eliminate. Whilst your number one reason for Not drinking that water maybe that you don’t want to need a wee before you get home, Our number one reason is that we would really, really love you to have a wee and get on with the important process of flushing it all out.

Number two is you are dehydrated. I was going to say possibly, or probably, or maybe, but nah stuff it, you are dehydrated. Cups of tea may give you fluid but also give you extra stuff to flush. And let’s not even start with coffee,purh-leeese that might be wet but it ain’t gonna hydrate you (although it may have other health benefits- read the book How Not To Die for more info)

But here’s the Myofascial zinger, oh it’s a goodie. By using a gentle pressure and a sustained hold, your MFR therapist is courting your brain. Within every cell, tiny pressure  sensors called Golgi apparatus are feeding back information to your brain about its current status. It’s something along the lines of “Oooh, that’s weird, I feel strangely tight. I don’t seem to be able to wriggle free. Hmmm, I wonder if that tightness is coming from inside of me or outside of me? Well, it’s not changing, in fact it’s been like this for a while now, it must be me. Whoah, what if all the gooey gel in the cell has gone hard. That’s going to make it tough around here. I need some assistance here….Hey Brain, help me out will ya?” That is totally the conversation. So the Brain, who likes things to get well and be healthy, leaps to the assistance of the cells Golgi apparatus, and sets off a healing response. Here’s the good bit, one of the supercool things that it does is send out chemicals that change the way the cell wall acts. The cell wall becomes more receptive to fluid (hydrophilic), so it starts to let water from the blood system into the cell. This water makes the gooey gel in the cell, known as the granular substance, softer and more squidgy. Before you know it, the cell is plump, and happy and able to perform its tasks more effectively. That means that every cell in your body can be plumper, healthier and more effective. Do you see where I’m going here…?

How cool is that???

Myofascial release will make you feel thirsty, it’s your brain telling you to drink more because there’s all sorts of awesome healing stuff going on. Which means that needing a wee is a marvellous inconvenience.So, if you’ve gone to all that hassle of finding a therapist, getting yourself booked in, turning up for the appointment, and having the treatment, wouldn’t you also be able to find 2 damn minutes to drink the water? Pleeeease.

Big love, (and drink up)


Headaches? Tight jaw? Gritted teeth? Sinus stuff? Watch this…

The Pterygoid is a trick some thing, implicated in ear pain, jaw locking and popping, pain whilst chewing, cheek and sinus pain, vision distortion, eye pain, stuffiness in your ears, discomfort swallowing….need I go on??

And yet it’s so easy to treat by yourself.

Here’s an easy to follow video giving you the low down of how to do it.

I’d love to hear about how you get on, and if you need any further help or support please reach out to us at Thrive Clinic & Studio http://www.thrivesheffield.co.uk

Big love, 


Getting it all out.

As children we are taught to pipe down and moderate our decibels. But sometimes as an adult we need to break out of this safety zone, we need to be noisy and express ourselves- unfortunately this can feel odd, even attention seeking. Here I’m going to tell you about how to use your sound as a tool for your self care