Bounce incontinence- a very personal adventure 

Today I have a new nemesis, well maybe nemesis is too strong a word, but I definitely found a contender that needs to be conquered. My bladder. 

We’re all friends here right? This is a safe space we’ve created. So shouldn’t we just stop holding it in (figuratively mostly) and talk about the problems of the pelvis, after all it’s the bowl of humanity. It holds life, but then It’s got to go on functioning way further than birth.
Now, for a while I’ve seen this lurking on the horizon. Having to stop and sneeze whilst walking because well, sneezing and walking and activating my pelvic floor has all been one challenge two many. Yes I can do two out of three- but three out of three? Turns out it’s a big ask…
So today, I took my little Bear out to one of those great big huge trampoline parks. I blimming love them, and whilst I have on occasion taken the precaution of a panty liner due to my pelvic floor not being happy when I have a cold (silly pelvic floor) I’m generally A Ok. Not bloody today though, totally not bloody A bloody OK. Jumping up- fine. Landing- well, too much information perhaps but y’know…
And I hear this all the time from Mums and women over 40, all looking at those damn garden trampolines in distain, muttering under their collective breathes “not bloody likely”. But I WANT a garden trampoline, and so does the Bear and gosh damn it, if I’m getting one for her I want to be able to play on it myself.
The irony is, sorting problems like this is my job and my intellectual passion. The double irony is, after a 30 hour labour, a shoddy episiotomy, a back to back baby and an over exuberant obstetrician, I thought I’d already put in the work to sort out the ‘bladder stuff’ months after Bear was born. But now, three years on and it’s lurking again.
What went wrong I hear you cry? For me, as I said before there were warning signs, all indicating that my pelvis was on the wonk: Historic knee pain recurring; that sneeze pee; the definite feeling that one leg is longer than the other. Dammit, dammit, dammit! Add to this recent mental stress and emotional family upset, driving long distances on a more than usual basis and working a physical job and really I should have taken more care of myself. 
But what am I going to do? Give up on fun? Grow older gracefully? No way, uh uhh! I will be booking mŷself in for Myofascial release sessions- I owe that to myself and to the good folk who own those fantastic trampoline warehouses. Self care will help along the way too, but I have a deep feeling that it’s time I put myself in the hands of other caring compassionate therapists and let them work deeply into the restrictions. If previous experience with my wonky pelvis stands up, then it shouldn’t take too much treatment to put the bounce back into my pelvic floor (and the pressure off my bladder!)
If any of my ramblings resonate with you, that’s great and you should know that we are really not alone. I did a survey of my American tribe (how British is that, if you want to know about a taboo ask someone who doesn’t live in your country!) Anyways, I asked various questions about children, age, incontinency, discomfort during intercourse etc and the results were surprising. Over 60% of the sample (of around 20 women) reported back with sneaky pee issues and pelvic floor unruliness. Does that surprise you? SIXTY PERCENT!!
Even if we don’t shout out loud about it, maybe we should at least have a quiet chat…because there is life to be lived and fun to be had to the fullest of our potential and wouldn’t it be shame if we stop doing due to something so solvable? 
Big love,


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