Oh snow!

Oh Snow! Due to the forecast of imminent and crazy amounts of snow, the Geode sale tomorrow is cancelled. But we’ll let you know when it’s rescheduled so you can get your twinkle fix! 

The Crystal Cave

Well hello!

It’s been a while hasn’t it!?!

So, some of you may have noticed that we’ve been busy bees at Thrive. Like Swallows we have migrated to warmer climes (although in our case not just for the winter) to our new snuggly treatment rooms downstairs and they’re pretty dandy. 

One of my favourite things about the treatment room I now inhabit is the geode shelf: Forty four sparkling, twinkling beauties. The geodes were a happy and serendipitous arrival, I happened to mention to a friend that I was looking for twinklies and here husband just happened to have a flock of them waiting to be rehomed.

Now, whilst a lot of those crystals did end up in my studio, Hugh (for it is he) has so many of them that I asked if he would be interested in coming along to Sharrow Vale Market so you too can find a crystalline friend to take home too. 
So that’s what’s happening my friends!

This Sunday the 10th December, from 11ish, there will be geodes and crystals galore to choose from- pointy ones, clusters, little egg sized ones, ones as big as you palm, amethysts, citrines, quartz types. Oh yes!

If you’re at the Christmas market come say hi and take home a high vibe gift 🙂