How I connect

I find how human beings connect a fascinating thing – most of us are people watchers, I know I am. But how do myofascial therapists like Jane and Myself connect with you, the client? I’d love to share with you how I connect.For me, massage is about transformation. You come to me seeking change, and I meet you with an open mind and heart and a curiosity about how I can help this be achieved.I very much believe that your body holds its truth and that my role is to help it be heard. There are stories entwined between where your pain sits and where it starts – often they’re very different places.Therapists in my experience use their senses differently. I have spent years honing the alternative, expanded  ability of my senses. I see you through my finger tips, I hear you with my eyes, I feel you through my ears.Anyone who has ever worked with me will notice that I ask a lot of questions, at times they can seem a little odd: why would I be interested in how much dental work you’ve had, or which leg you broke as a teenager, or on which hip you carry your child?Questions, questions….These questions help me to  get a feel for where you stand in the world. Both physically and metaphorically. When I hear your answers, I get to know a little more about how you feel about your body: if you’re hopeful of change; whether you feel stressed or sad, or frustrated or determined. I choose not to make assumptions or judgements, my job is to hold space for you so you can be seen and heard and have your life’s experiences respected. Then we can bring our efforts together to create sustained change in your body.Jokingly, I used to refer to myself as a crap Columbo, like a 70’s detective with maverick tendencies and oddball questions, riffling through the myriad possibilities, endeavouring to hone in on what’s really going on. You may have noticed that I’m interested in your scars, your posture, the differences in  how you are when you’re stood up and laid down (good old gravity!) all of this information helps me to do better body work.Sometimes a client will see me manoeuvring my body to get a sense of how your body feels. I ask myself “where is the glitch?”, “If this muscle is switched ‘off’, what has to work harder?”And all this, dear reader, is my process of connection before I put hands on.With hands on comes assessment. I’m curious about the length of your legs, the tightness of the muscles, the stickiness of the fascia, how gnarled up you feel through the front of your pelvis – and that’s just the start.  I connect into the tissue of your body, the very fabric of your being with the gentlest of pressure. I learnt many years ago that stealth trumps force when it comes to long lasting effects. You don’t come to be because you want to feel better for the walk back to your car do you? You come to me because things are intolerable, and life needs to be better and that starts with your body feeling better.And I do use terms like We and Us – because this is transformation by team work, there is an element of trust that gets built up that is so important to getting you pain free.  When trust and knowing exists it becomes so much easier for You to guide me and me to guide you. That’s why connection is important before the work even begins.I truly believe that this is the way it is for the therapists at Thrive Clinic & Studio and it’s one of the reasons why Myofascial Release is such an amazing, effective and different way of reducing pain and discomfort. If this appeals to you, and you’d like to have a chat with Jane or Myself, please get in contact at credit: Joseph Barrientos @jbcreate