Headaches? Tight jaw? Gritted teeth? Sinus stuff? Watch this…

The Pterygoid is a trick some thing, implicated in ear pain, jaw locking and popping, pain whilst chewing, cheek and sinus pain, vision distortion, eye pain, stuffiness in your ears, discomfort swallowing….need I go on??

And yet it’s so easy to treat by yourself.

Here’s an easy to follow video giving you the low down of how to do it.

I’d love to hear about how you get on, and if you need any further help or support please reach out to us at Thrive Clinic & Studio http://www.thrivesheffield.co.uk

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Super speedy shoulder/neck session!

Whoah! Blink and you’ll miss me!

Okay, here’s a super speedy run down of some ideas for myofascial lay releasing your neck and shoulders. These need to be sloooooow, really sloooooooow to get your best fascial release possible- try a minimum of five minutes a position, but really you’re aiming for 8-10 in each. You can do these watching tv, or listening to music or maybe even reading a book. It’s better to pick a couple rather race through the series if you haven’t got time. 

Wanna know what they all are? 1) Diaphragm breathing, 2) pec stretch on a foam roller, 3) side opening door- thoracic stretch, 4) pec release using a therapy ball 5) spiky ball hand work, 6) neck stretches, 7) infraspinatus stretch 8) pose of a child

There’s more to neck and shoulder dysfunction than just neck and shoulder wonkiness, most times there is stuff going on with your pelvis and usually there’s a functional element. If you’ve got long term stuff going on and would like some specialist therapy and support find out more at http://www.thrivesheffield.co.uk